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Nutrition in Morristown, New Jersey

After you undergo a bariatric surgical procedure, you will need to change the way you eat. Our professional staff will help you through this process. You will need to adhere strictly to the instructions for eating and drinking right away. In the days and weeks after surgery, your stomach can only hold about two ounces, so at first, you will be limited in capacity. Three teaspoons of food can fill you up, which is to be expected. Over time, the “pouch” will expand—within six months, you should be able to eat a cup of food, and over the long term, 1 and ½ cups. All of this means you will need to eat smaller amounts more often.Because surgery does not restrict liquids, drinking will not make you feel full. With that in mind, you should drink when you are not eating, and chew your food very thoroughly.

You should eat three small meals per day, and focus on protein as your primary nutrient source. Carbohydrates should make up only 10 to 20% of your calories. For the first six months, you daily calorie consumption should not exceed 800, but contain at least 600 calories.

You will also need to learn how to prevent stomach problems by avoiding high fiber, dry, and high fat food since these can be difficult to digest in the stomach pouch. Instead, aim to eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, dairy, and some cereal and bread. You should also avoid food high in sugar as they don’t have much nutritional value—due to the limited space in your smaller stomach, filling up on low- nutrient foods can lead to deficiencies that will make you sick.*

Another factor to consider is food texture, starting with clear liquids and gradually increasing to various types of solids throughout each phase of your new diet, post procedure. Vitamin supplements are also essential.

Obesity Treatment Centers of New Jersey will provide all the guidance and details you need for successful results and a healthier lifestyle following your procedure, while answering your questions at any time.

*Results can vary for each patient and there is no guarantee of specific results. Does not participate in Medicaid.


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